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Fridge & refrigerator installation

Refrigerator Installation

During a refrigerator installation appointment, the technician is responsible for: Ensuring the electrical cord is unplugged, if necessary to prevent damage to the electrical receptacle.  De-pressurize main cold water system as required. Provide labour & parts to install shut-off valve & fittings & up to 20′ of 1/4″ cold water supply line to meet all

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Electric & gas stoves installation

Cooktop Installations

For all cooktop installations, the technician is responsible for: Setting the cooktop into opening Securing the cooktop into the countertop Ensuring the cooktop sits straight Running the appropriate power cable into the cabinet Connecting the cooktop to the electrical box and/or receptacle Plug the cooktop power cord into the outlet Turn the gas service back

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Range hoods

Hood Fans & OTR Microwave Installation

OTR is an over-the-range hood fan & microwave combination. Installer is responsible for: Disconnection of electrical service to existing OTR or range hood. Mount & center & secure support bracket for new OTR as required by the manufacturer’s specifications.  Check & rotate the exhaust fan as required for existing ventilation.  Connect & seal to existing

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