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Hood Fans & OTR Microwave Installation

OTR is an over-the-range hood fan & microwave combination.

Installer is responsible for:

  • Disconnection of electrical service to existing OTR or range hood.
  • Mount & center & secure support bracket for new OTR as required by the manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Check & rotate the exhaust fan as required for existing ventilation. 
  • Connect & seal to existing duct
  • Plug the OTR cord into the receptacle & secure it with the hardware provided
  • Install all accessory filters, covers, panels, and/or racks.
  • Test OTR by activating & monitoring a heating cell (using a container filled with water), the exhaust fan & all the lights & remaining accessories.
  • If OTR is mounted using the ductless application, the installer will ensure the accessory charcoal filter is properly installed


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