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Cooktop Installations

For all cooktop installations, the technician is responsible for:

  • Setting the cooktop into opening
  • Securing the cooktop into the countertop
  • Ensuring the cooktop sits straight
  • Running the appropriate power cable into the cabinet
  • Connecting the cooktop to the electrical box and/or receptacle
  • Plug the cooktop power cord into the outlet
  • Turn the gas service back on & test all connections for leaks
  • Monitor gas service & ensure there are no leaks
  • Ensure all accessories (grates, pans, racks, burner, caps, etc.) are installed on the appliance
  • Test cooktop by activating & monitoring all surface burner elements, all controls, accessories (clock, time, settings, etc) & ensure all burner elements are adjusted accordingly to display proper flame characteristics.
  • If a new shut-off valve was installed by installer, installer will verify that all pilot lights are lit


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