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Akisens Product

The gateway allows you to communicate between your smart controllers and the AkiCentral platform. This equipment provides great coverage.
Smart Sensor
The sensor monitors water leaks at all times and notifies you as soon as a leak is detected. In addition, several risk management options are included to reduce damage and even prevent it.
Motion Detector
Detects movements inside the home.
-360-degree motion detection
-Sensitivity adjustment
-Wireless & Battery powered
Panel Sensor
The Detector Panel is an extension of the smart sensor that helps extend coverage to reduce risks to a greater area.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the flowmeter demonstrates incredible strength and durability. This equipment is ideal to protect you from major water damage such as broken plumbing in the walls.
Cable Sensor
The cable sensor is an extension of the smart sensor that extends coverage to hard-to-reach places.

Smart Controller
The AkiSens smart controller ensures the proper functioning of the risk management components. The controller is ideal for all condominium buildings, commercial buildings, retirement homes, hotels, and rental buildings.
Motorized Valve
The AkiSens motorized valve ensures that the water supply is safely shut off. The valve body is made entirely of stainless steel and is NSF61 certified, making it durable and safe for water consumption.
Battery Back Up
The battery backup, provides superior backup and surge protection. The USB charging port allows for convenient recharging, as well as continuous power during an extended power outage.


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