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For all dishwashers, washing machines & dryer installations the technician is responsible for:

  • Terminate hot-water service & electrical service
  • Disconnect mechanical services from existing appliance & cap as necessary
  • Modify existing appliance to allow clearance through an existing opening
  • Connect hot-water feed to appliance & discharge hose to drain system as required by local plumbing codes
  • Ensure the discharge hose is properly looped to prevent backflow into the dishwasher
  • Connect electrical service as required by Electrical Code
  • Ensure the dishwasher is properly grounded
  • Turn on the hot water feed & check all connections
  • Test appliance by manually advancing timer to fill cycle
  • Advance timer to “wash” cycle & ensure pump, spray arms & towers are functioning properly
  • Advance timer to “drain” cycle & ensure drain discharge pump is functioning properly. 
  • Monitor all connections for shut-off valves, packing nut & fittings
  • Monitor all connections for tubing & dishwasher coupling
  • Monitor all connections for discharge hose connection to dispose of, the air gap or drain stem
  • Monitor all connections that are visible drain line & supply line connections
  • Inspect & ensure any surrounding mechanical services are intact & free of leaks.
  • Inspect & ensure the dishwasher tub, all motor seals, pump seals, fill-valve tubing, etc. are free of leaks at all visible locations. 
  • Reverse door & access cover color panels if desired by the customer


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