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Everything in life comes to an end, and your refrigerator is no exception. You may think you don’t need a new one, but if notice one or more of the following things, then maybe it’s time to just let your fridge go and buy yourself a new one:

• your energy bill is way higher than it used to be: did you know that the older the fridge, the more energy it will require to function? For example, a 10 year old fridge needs up to 20% more energy compared to when it was new, while a 15 year-old fridge may need up to 30% more energy. If your energy bill has suddenly gone up and you have an old fridge, it may be time to consider buying a new one.
• they’re over 10 years old/they need constant repair: if your fridge means more of a headache than a home appliance and needs you to be constantly calling your appliance technician, it’s time to get a new one. You’re gonna have to spend some serious cash anyway, especially if your refrigerator is no longer under warranty.
• they’re too noisy/not noisy at all: normally, a running motor will make some noise, but it shouldn’t be excessively loud: this is a sign that the motor on your fridge is overworking, and it will get worse over time.
• excess frost: if you defrosted your fridge just a couple hours ago, and you see it builds up frost like crazy again, it means your fridge is reaching the end of it’s operating life, and will need replacement.

Don’t forget to get in contact with a professional before you click that buy button or hand in your cash. They will make sure you buy the best fridge for your home and your life.

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