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3 Top Benefits of Induction Ranges

1.Safety. The stovetop cools quite quickly, making it a good choice for families with young children, 2. Efficiency. 90% of the energy generated by coils goes directly into the food, 3. Rapid cooking performance. In a test, 2 cups of water took only 2.5 mins to boil, but took 4 mins with a gas range.

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3 Top Benefits of Gas Ranges

1. High Temperature. Ability to attain very high temperatures depending on BTU’s 2. Versatility. It can function without the need for electricity (important for religious days in calendar) 3. Practicality. Does not require special pots and pans to function.

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Should you consider getting a new fridge?

  Everything in life comes to an end, and your refrigerator is no exception. You may think you don’t need a new one, but if notice one or more of the following things, then maybe it’s time to just let your fridge go and buy yourself a new one: • your energy bill is way

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